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University diploma in French as a Foreign Language - DUFLE

ECTS credits : 60
2 semesters

Domain : Arts, Literature, Foreign languages

The DUFLE is a year-long intensive linguistic course spread over 450 hours. The focus is on learning in a French-speaking environment, and helping students work progressively taking into account various aspects of the language.

Learning objectives

Objectives - Acquiring linguistic, communication as well as culture-specific skills in order to facilitate everyday, social, academic and professional life in France. - Progressing from the B1 to B2 level as per the scale established by the Council of Europe. - Getting familiar with university departments, for those who’d like to pursue their studies at the UVHC after a year of DUFLE.

Work placement

ISH - Institut Sociétés et Humanités
Campus du Mont Houy
59300 Valenciennes

Place(s) of the course

Campus du Mont Houy
Le Mont Houy
59313 Valenciennes